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julia Julia Wilson on the Continent
Whatever you’ve heard about Africa, set it aside for a moment, for our limited notions of this place have been far too rooted in sound bites, hearsay and motion picture myth.
Beyond its crises and challenges lies a place of remarkable wonder and mystery – of adventure and discovery. It is a land of un-estimated wealth…
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TV Program Interviews

  • Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

    Liberian President
    1st Woman elected president of an African nation

  • Donald Payne

    Donald Payne

    U.S. Congressman

  • Steve Hayes

    Steve Hayes

    President, Corporate Council on Africa

  • Jim Brown

    Jim Brown

    Actor and former Cleveland Browns running back

  • Hope Sullivan Master

    Hope Sullivan Master

    President & CEO, Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

  • Ambassador Mark R. Dybul

    Ambassador Mark R. Dybul

    U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

  • Actor James Avery

    Actor James Avery

    Avery is best known as the uncle/patriarch and attorney (later judge) Philip Banks in the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, whom Will Smith’s character affectionately called “Uncle Phil.”